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Car headrest 3D cartoon two Kazakhstan Akita husky gods dog spirit pollution neck pillow car with interior pillow

$21.99 $35.00
Material: soft velvet
Packing: PP+ bamboo charcoal package 75g
Size: 32*28cm (manual measurement may be 1-3 cm error)
Original design pattern!
Not authorized to sell, will be banned!!
100% real owner!! Stolen pictures, please bypass. Walk well!
Bamboo charcoal package: hard texture, good ventilation, with good adsorption of formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances, and can release natural minerals, to promote plant growth, clean air. Strong water absorption can alleviate the humidity factor in the air, deodorant mold. To give the car such a decoration without placing a conspicuous place, you can also a healthy car offal, while also promoting sleep, relieve arteriosclerosis and other conditions, the owners I have no harm.

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