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Creative Colorful Color Night Lights Alarm Clock

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Item name: colorful color alarm clock
Product function introduction:
Accompanied by the sound of nature - ducks, geese, cows, birds, winding, running water and other rural flavor
1) normal time display mode, display time, date (from 2000 -2099), week, and can be achieved 12/24 hours of conversion;
2) music alarm clock and sleep mode, alarm mode set daily alarm time, also can choose different natural sound music alarm.
Cocoa set snooze interval duration;
3) timer mode
4) timer mode can be set countdown, time range 23:59:29~0:00:00 hours;
5) temperature mode, can achieve the conversion of Celsius / Fahrenheit temperature, normal temperature range of 0 degrees C~ to 50 degrees C (32 degrees F~, 122 degrees F)
6) natural sound demonstration function, can realize the music appreciation function; (6 natural sound alarm clock)
7) appreciate the timing function, can set the length of time to enjoy music;
8) colorful lamp function (automatic color change)
9) operating voltage 4.5V (three battery No. 7)

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