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Creative LED luminous music timer Blu-ray temperature display 510 alarm clock electronic clock

$16.99 $38.00

Note: the battery does not contain the product, use 3 7 batteries, battery is not. (since the appearance of special products. Luminous alarm clock. Do not have to get up at night to see the lights. Show the time directly.

* 1 blue background light (button lamp lights press the center automatically shut down after 3 seconds)

2 calendar digital thermometer.

3 alarm snooze function.

4 reverse timer.

5. Music appreciation

* 6 Birthday Reminder

[name] fashion Blu ray music alarm clock

Baby specifications] size: 12*6.5*6.5cm

Baby material] [+ plastic electronic components

[baby] Color: white;

Product weight: 0.2kg;

Use three section 7 batteries (need to purchase)

3 No. 7 batteries (battery buyers need to self, do not use ordinary carbon batteries, high capacity alkaline battery Oh, for example: Nanfu, Matsushita, Duracell rechargeable batteries, etc.)

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