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Japanese i-ears children digging ear ear ear cleaner dig ear artifact adult electric suction ear feces device

$21.99 $39.00

Product features:

1 professional electric earwax removal, rapid absorption of ear viscera, in the suction at the same time the dirt sucked into the dirt inside the machine

2 using 2.5cm elastic material design to protect the ears, will not damage the eardrum, safe and reliable

3 compact and easy to use, home travel essential

4 configuration of two soft head, easy to clean, replace no worries

A new practical ear cleaner finally appeared!

The stubborn earwax attached to the wall of the ear can also vibrate and fall down, as in a vacuum cleaner.

The machine is very attractive but the motor is quiet.

Front end with a soft suction head, the use is more secure.

According to each person's average inner ear distance (2.5 cm) design, so the elderly can also rest assured that the use of.

Not only adults, even those who hate to dig their ears can use.

The absorption of earwax can easily clean the tip suction nozzle cleaning is also very convenient.

While chatting happy to cut the ears, the machine vibration in the ear, the ear gently massage very comfortable feeling.

Compact design, can also be used in travel and business trips.

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