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New stainless steel vacuum cups men's bullet cups

$25.99 $55.00

Name: Stainless steel vacuum warhead insulation cup
Capacity: 350ml
Color: Army green, gold, brown
Holding temperature: room temperature 25 degrees Celsius, filled with 98 ° C water 6 hours after 72 ° C above 12 hours after 50 ° C or more.
Material: imported food grade stainless steel, food grade PP, environmental protection silicone.


[] detailed description: high quality stainless steel material, the middle is the use of high-tech made heat block air layer, heat transfer, heat preservation insulation is excellent.
The latest home and office supplies, cup body, fashionable appearance, (the kind more beautiful Oh) excellent insulation performance, and easy to clean, not easy to knot like tea, a cup of love Office Pro, a well worth collecting.

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