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Outdoor portable foldable fast inflatable sofa bed lazy sofa

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[Fabric senses]: polyester fabric texture soft, feel thin, pull inelastic,
[Operation senses]: sunny breeze, outdoor operation to use, open the pockets of a straight trot about 10 meters can be filled with 80% of the air, then roll up the seal, roll to the internal air full of 100% so far, after the seal with a lock On it.
[Product weight]: finished product plus the total weight of about the backpack: about 900g
[Use comfort]: lying down to feel very soft, comfortable very good, and nylon fabric is not much different than the difference, the sun afternoon to enjoy the leisure time.
  [Suitable place]: suitable for grass, beach, cement marble floor, cobblestone ground, relatively flat ground
  Pictures exist color, computer resolution is different, see the color is not the same, subject to prevail.

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