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Plug - in grinder electric grinder sharpeners knife sharpener TV product Grinding scissors Grinding awning

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20W 50Hz 220V



Put the sharpener flat on the table is connected with the power supply, the left hand holding the sharpener handle and the blade back in the middle of two cross vertical grinding wheel, right hand holding a knife sharpener according to the actual pressure, drive button, knife back repeatedly several times.

[product features]

1 Application of fixed angle principle, sharpening the blade sharp, uniform.

The 2 brothers do not laborious, and can.

3 knife fast, just a few seconds.

4 micro grinding, no damage to the blade.

5 the use of a wide range of kitchen knives, fruit knives, etc..

6 abrasive tools built in, safe to use.

7 double guide knife design, the use of a wider range

High speed grinding - from one side of the knife into a double-sided grinding knife, the efficiency is a few times the manual sharpening. This product is a sharpener in twenty-first Century the most scientific, efficient and practical, the characteristics of the traditional single knife to double knife, sharpening method, angle and efficiency changed. The blunt knife is not more than half a minute, and the sharp incomparable, its efficiency, the grinding wheel knife sharpener is used for high carbon alloy steel with special heat treatment processing refined, long service life, coupled with cheap, simple operation, without water, without oil, is an indispensable good housewife helper.

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