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Semi-permanent waterproof anti-decolorizing magic eyebrow eyebrow paste / eyebrow cream

$18.00 $39.00
Capacity: 3G
There are 4 colors available, namely: BLONDE, AUBURN, BRUNETTE, BLACK/BROWN
The use of unique PERMAFIX technology, as well as self-developed hair fiber composite
2 minutes to draw a perfect eyebrow, and then to maintain a few days time
WUNDERBROW hair fiber, with a special treatment of pigment, can be well attached to the skin and hair
Effect of natural, so you can easily dyed at home eyebrow
Usage method:
First of all, with the brush in the eyebrow gel, the eyebrow brush on the clean and dry eyebrows (this is very important)
Brush when the use of painting the way of the short line, a little bit to fill the sparse parts of hair
Of course, you can brush the entire eyebrow, so as to achieve a more significant effect
Eyebrow brush after the good, with the box with the brow of the halo brush brush to do halo dyeing, brow part of the upward movement, from the middle of the beginning, then the use of the outward movement along the eyebrow
Completely remove the need to use oily ingredients remover products

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