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Smallest Mini Camera Camcorder Pinhole DVR Hidden Digital Video Recorder Webcam SLR Gift Small Camera

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The camera is currently the world's smallest camera, the weight is only: 9g, but has the powerful function of shooting 2 million pixel images. Camera resolution up to 640*480. Suitable for business, lawyers, journalists and other people use. Can also be used as a novelty gift, small toys to send relatives and friends.



1) on / off

Boot up

Long press the operation button two seconds to open the device, the red light is bright, enter standby state.

Power off

Long press the operation button four seconds, red light off.

2) photo

Standby (if not in standby state, can be turned on or press the operating button to enter the standby state).

Lens alignment needs to shoot the target.

Press the operation button, the red light flashes once, take a photo

3) camera

Standby (if not in standby state, can be turned on or press the operating button to enter the standby state).

Press the operation button for two seconds, then release the button, the red light starts flashing, the machine starts shooting.

If it is good to stop taking pictures, press the operation button to release.

4) low power

If the device is detected in a low state, the device will save the current file, the red light flashes five times after the shutdown.

5) charge

Turn off the camera.

Connecting the camera and PC or other devices via the USB line.

In the charging process, the red light flashing; full, red light.

6) removable disk

Connect the camera to the computer in shutdown or standby mode.

"My computer" appears in the mobile disk logo.

7) reset

If the device does not respond due to an incorrect operation or other unknown reasons, the device needs to be reset.

Press the reset hole with a long and thin tool.

8) change of time

Change the system time of the computer for the time you need to display on the camera.

Turn off the camera.

The random band of CD into the computer CD-ROM.

The computer and camera connected with the data line of the original camera

Time change tool in CD.

The normal can be disconnected.

9) network camera

Install the camera driver.

The camera is turned off.

Camera and computer.

"My computer" automatically out of the network camera logo.

10) common problems

Question: red light flashes five times, what is the reason for the camera shutdown?

Answer: check whether the memory is full, or the battery is low.

If the memory is full, please delete or backup the file in memory or insert another memory card.

If it is in low power, please charge.

Problem: no response

Answer: due to improper operation or unknown reasons, can lead to equipment can not work. Reset device required.

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