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South Korea design small fresh flowers crystal crystal slippers diamond beautiful flower color soft with the word drag

$15.90 $55.00

Size: 36-40

Size is small one yards

OUR flower shoes most of the accessories are part of the fish seam, flowers and a small part of the plastic hot melt glue is sticky, to ensure that the issue is complete, the road may be sorted by violence, Or flowers fall, received please self-reinforcement repair, can not accept do not shoot, do not spend the flowers or small accessories out of the reasons for the return policy

Small tips if small accessories or flowers out how to do?

1, lighter, the glue hot, then stick back to the accessories

2, hair dryer, blowing hard, until the heat blowing, and then stick back to the accessories

3, glue or sticks, small supermarkets have to sell, enough for a long time

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