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Suction blackhead cleaning Exfoliator Dermabrasion instrument electric household pores cleaner instrument to clean pores

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Item name: Suck Black instrument

Product weight: 410 G

Product specification: 16*5.5*23

Product packaging: gift packaging

Use step:

1 press the head on the machine.

2 press the switch / suction button then press the button to select the boot, suction strength, total gear strength, followed by the default button is low, then according to the mid-range, high-grade, then press the shutdown.

3 suction head moving slowly on the skin, do not stay too long in the same area.



Method for using facial skin:

1 clean and dry skin

2 put on the skin beauty or large round hole beauty head.

Fig. 3 skin beauty instrument moving direction (see instructions)

Note: should not be used around the eyes!



Precautions for use:

1 please use your hands before the water or other liquid dry, so as not to water or other liquids from the body behind the body, thereby damaging the body.

2 please do not use scrub after the other exfoliating products.

3 with a micro head of the grinding function, dry skin once a week, oily mixed skin can be used two times a week, each time can not be used for more than five minutes, depending on the specific state of the skin.

4 please do not force the suction head pressed on the skin, because the instrument will produce a strong pulling force.

5 please do not continue to use the same part, which may cause skin red purple, if this occurs, please stop using.

6 after the nursing care, because of speeding up the circulation within the skin, the skin will appear a little excitement, or red, this is a normal phenomenon, after thirty minutes will automatically disappear. Please do a good job moisturizing.

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