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Ten meters festive Christmas lights led lights flash string lights 100 lights with tail rose rose light string all copper waterproof

$20.99 $88.00
Power: the maximum power dissipation of 1 lights (LED) is 0.066W
Power: 220V (defaults to 220V)
The main mode of 1 constant light wave shape change; 2; 3 continuous change; 4 flashing changes; 5 slow flash flash flash 7 change 6 change; change; change 8 dream;
Main features: 1. energy saving; 2. long life (theoretically can reach more than 50000 hours): 3., light color pure; 4. high brightness; 5., moving is not easy to damage, can be used repeatedly; 6. cold light source, not easy to heat

With tail insert money: can make several string of lights strung together, communal a plug, very convenient.

This product is the glue waterproof lamp series, there are two main characteristics: first, the waterproof lamp string with waterproof tail plug, the commander, the first available together; second, waterproof lamp string sealing beads, beads inside the pipe filled with sealant, the rain will not enter into the lamp inside

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