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Wide angle fisheye macro three in one clip mobile phone lens

$12.99 $33.00

Product contains:
Special clip lens base,
0.67 times a wide-angle + super macro lens,
180 degree fisheye lens,
A delicate velvet bag (used for lens and lens),
Special clamp size: 5.3*2.1*2.4CM
Net weight: 17 G
Packing size: 16.3*9.5*2.5CM

Lens color: black, red, silver, gold, blue

Product advantages:
Appearance: the use of aluminum alloy shell, more light and bright.
Material: high definition acrylic glass lens.
Process: lens transmittance is better and more hd.
Utility: the new clip connection allows guests to handle more convenient.
Installation: lens connection without 100% alignment center will not affect imaging.
Application: 95% mobile phones with camera function on the market can be applied.


When the special effects Camera met the self artifact, it is particularly perfect!!!
Ring clamp universal 0.67 super wide angle lens, lens for acrylic lens, high clarity, large angle, low distortion
Universal variety of models, whether it is iPhone or Android or other mobile phones, to meet the needs of photography enthusiasts!
As long as a folder on the clip, ready to use on the use of, let us also open eyes it, put the perspective to be more wide bar!!

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