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Wireless Automatic Trimmer Hair Straightener Cordless Handheld Electric Charging Hair Trimmer Pruning Automatic Hair Breaker New Generation Straight Hairless Handle Reducer Pruning automatic hand-held hair dryer

$55.90 $120.00
Product category straight
Suitable for dry and wet hair
Thermal conductive material
Thermal conductivity above 31mm diameter
Temperature regulation 1
Best modeling time 1-2 minutes
Color black red blue gray
Paragraph 1
Certificate type CE
Power red (spot), black (spot), blue
The advantages of automatic thinning hair hair trimmed
Household use of sexual gifts
Product Name: a device
Product weight: packing 1.25Kg
Qty: 12 16KG
Carton size: 50*32*53CM
Product packaging: English box
Product size: 500mm*32mm*530mm

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